2 more rides left

…until the big one. I’ve been riding a bunch lately to get ready for the Taylor House Century Ride in Flagstaff this weekend. Last Friday, I did a solo ride out to one of the myriad golf communities north of Scottsdale called Rio Verde. The reason I went out that way was to check out Rio Verde Drive, also known as 9-mile hill. The ride out there is pretty long, but you get some really nice rollers on the way up along McDowell Mountain Road.

9 mile hill ride
Nice cloud cover and Four Peaks in the background

9 mile hill is basically a smaller version of the 19-mile climb that is part of the Taylor House course that comes out of the Wupatki National Monument — relatively shallow climbing (2-4%) over an extended distance.

9 mile hill ride
Only 8.5 miles to go

Anyhow, I feel ready for the century. I’m looking forward to covering that much distance in a day, and it will be a nice cap to all the biking I’ve gotten to do this year before the baby comes in September and I willingly succumb to laying on the carpet cooing for 6 months instead of waking up at 4:30 to exercise (well, waking up at horrifying hours I’ll still be doing). Long rides are taxing, but being able to look back and see how much ground you covered under your own power is one of the things I like most about it.

9 mile hill ride
Gotta get home somehow
9 mile hill ride
Oh my
9 mile hill ride
Zeke admires the power transfer (and smell) of the tie dyed socks



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