My geeky Christmas list

christmas tree made from stacked green books

What with Christmas only a week or so away, I decided I could dream up a few things I’ve been seeing around lately that would warm my heart and drain some loved ones’ wallets. But hey, we can all dream, can’t we?

Vancouver is a place where you can almost get away without a hat and gloves in the winter, but not quite. Couple that with the fact that we’re all bumbling around with phones that have those pesky touch screens on them and it’s a recipe for disaster. Item one on my list is a pair of gloves that I can use with my iPhone. After shopping around, my favorites are Dots Gloves. In coal. Plus if someone was really nice, they’d get me a copy of that new NEJM app, Image Challenge, so I could quiz some of my expert colleagues during these last few days before everyone leaves on holidays.

Then of course, like everyone, I sorta want an iPad. But not that bad, even though they make magic, according to the New York Times. One thing I do know: that violin app looks awesome. Plus, you could get one of these cases for it. Or for that matter, one of these cases. And not only that, but now your doctor might take one into the operating room, or maybe she will pass it to you to look at X-ray images together. And that might be especially useful this time of year, because what brings people together at the hospital holidays more than sledding injuries?

In reality, though, I’ll probably just ask for a Kindle. With a subscription to NEJM (just kidding. Apparently it’s a rip-off).

I’ve been reading a lot this year, blogs, fiction, non-fiction, you know the drill. The subject of autism has come up recently in the press, especially with the release of that JAMA paper showing correlation with mitochondrial disfunction. Any new study on autism tends to generate a lot of heat, and this one was no different. For that reason, I’m hoping for a copy of The Panic Virus in which Seth Mnookin will lay out the issues, and (we hope) put to shame the strange and dangerous misinformation campaign coming from groups such as Age of Autism.

Speaking of books, I’ll also ask for a copy of The Night Shift by Dr. Brian Goldman. He’s a nice Canadian doctor, with all the honesty, good-nature and competence you come to expect from this great land. This book is filled with excellent and intense stories that sit nicely in the canon of ER-Lit. He followed me on Twitter, so I got his book from the library and got turned onto his CBC radio show in the process. That man knows the power of social marketing. Oh yeah, Oliver Sacks has book out this year, too, if you like that sort of thing (yeah, I do, too.)

And of course, the venerable @Doctor_V is working on a book, too. But don’t ask about it.

I think that’s probably about it for my Christmas list this year. Just some hot chocolate, and some nice time at home with family. I have yet to catch up on some Christmas movie favorites, but there’s plenty of time to get in the spirit of things. Happy holidays.


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