Goings-on about town: #mhs10 plus Canadian academic librarians’ social media use

japanese map of mt. fuji

It’s an exciting week out there, and a lot of very interesting events going on this fall. For instance:

If you didn’t already know, the giant mHealth Summit is taking place this week, and you can join in on the fun, too. Not only can you monitor the discussion on Twitter by following the hashtag #mhs10, but you can also watch live streaming video from the conference thanks to the mHealth Alliance.

One of the revelations at yesterday’s sessions of #mhs10 was that the US-based text message service for new and expecting mothers, Text4Baby, has reached a milestone of 100,000 users. Congratulations to them! Maternal and child health is an established research priority in global health, so kudos is due for laying for demonstrating the utility of and demand for an easy system of getting crucial health reminders and information into the hands of mothers-to-be. Not to mention laying the groundwork for similar programs to adopt that model in the future.

I’m sure there will be more excellent programs and findings in the next two days of the summit, so be sure to tune in.

The second news item is that, at long last, Dean Giustini has released the long-anticipated results from his survey of academic librarians at all Canadian Association of Research Libraries on their use and knowledge of social media. This survey is the first of its kind in Canada, and there is a lot of data there to be crunched. They are planning a formal report in early 2011, but for now the raw numbers are released, so I suppose you can do your own number crunching if you feel so inclined.

Oh, I’m sure there’s more. But that should be enough to keep you busy until the weekend. Until next time.


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