Top ten Canadian consumer health websites

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This year at the annual conference of the Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA/ABSC), a poster was presented that showcased the results of a survey given to Canadian libraries about their favorite Canadian consumer health websites. Finding specifically Canadian content in consumer health is difficult, due often to the supremacy of MedlinePlus. Without the support of a National Library of Medicine, however, Canadian librarians often have to find ways to supplement American consumer health information with the recommendations of Canadian physicians and health professionals.

From the announcement sent to the CANMEDLIB list-serv:

There was no clear favourite: the top 3 recommendations tied at 10 votes each. Submitted websites had different focuses. They tended to fall into a few categories such as women, children, disease-specific, and health promotion. We decided to compare the websites in each category and selected the ones that stood out. Because our choices were the best in different subject areas, we felt that we couldn’t rank them as 1, 2, 3. Instead we chose to list them alphabetically.

Bravo to the Consumer Health Information Providers’ Interest Group of CHLA! Thank you for delivering the results of these needed recommendations. The full poster is available on their website.

Here is the list:

  1. AboutKids Health:
  2. Canada Safety Council:
  3. Canadian Cancer Society:
  4. Caring for Kids:
  5. Dietitians of Canada:
  6. Heart and Stroke Foundation:
  7. Here to help:
  8. PasseportSanté:
  10. Women’s Health Matters:

For more on Canadian consumer health info, please visit the HLWIKI Canada’s Consumer Health Portal.


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