Recent posts on the iPad in healthcare

iSkin Duo iPad case

I was recently on vacation for about a week, and it always is an interesting adventure trying to come back to the blogs I read and the people I follow on Twitter and try to figure out what I’ve missed… last time this happened, Facebook revamped its privacy settings and everyone had been freaking out for days. This past week, it doesn’t seem anything similarly dire has happened, but I have seen a few interesting posts related to using the iPad in hosiptals that I thought I’d highlight.

Dr. John Halamaka (Life of a Healthcare CIO) wrote a nice piece on using the iPad while walking around the hospital at work, and compares it to laptops and other pieces of technology that he’s tried before. He also highlights some differences between iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPad and what they’re each good for.

Michelle Kraft (Krafty Librarian) mentioned the above post on her blog as well, in response to a reference question she got from a doctor in her hospital trying to connect his iPad to library resources. Though I guess we knew that was going to happen sooner or later, I’m sure it was at least a little bit exciting. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well because hospital IT won’t authenticate the iPad for use on their internal network, so the physician has to log in as though he’s off-campus just to do his research or get access to any point-of-care tools.

Dr. Felasfa Wodajo (iMedicalApps) wrote a nice introduction to bringing his iPad into the operating room, using an XRay bag to keep it sterile, and successfully navigating the touchscreen through surgical gloves. Whoa. It is just the first part of what may be a series of posts, but offers a positive initial assessment of the iPad’s use in the OR:

Where I can see the iPad being an asset in the OR will be the ability to bring in relevant medical imaging directly to the operative site, the ability to review relevant anatomy at the point of care (huge), and the opportunity to enhance resident teaching.

Finally, Gizmodo wrote up a short piece on new iPad cases “for germaphobes” but one look at them made me think immediately of the hospital. These cases have antimicrobial coating on them, and, according to the author, are strong enough to boil if you’re really that “paranoid.” After reading about smartphones carrying infection agents, an antimicrobial iPad case sounds just about right for conducting bedside rounds, if you ask me.


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