Wiley’s Essential Evidence Plus hits the mobile web

possible evidence

As of May 26, Wiley-Blackwell has added mobile web access to their evidence-based summary tool, Essential Evidence Plus. The press release tells it like it is:

Global scientific, technical, medical and scholarly (STMS) publisher Wiley-Blackwell today announced the that its evidence-based clinical decision support product, Essential Evidence Plus (EE+), is now accessible from mobile devices. Physicians on the move can now easily find answers to challenging point-of-care questions from their iPhoneTM, IPod Touch®, AndroidTM, Blackberry® or other Smartphones.

The web display works nicely, with sections of each evidence summary cordoned off into separate pages. The “Bottom Line” section of most pages provides grades for the strength of the evidence, something that not all point-of-care tools offer.

Access to the mobile version is free for all current subscribers, but institutional members and those accessing EE+ through their library’s proxy server will have to sign up for a (free) individual account to get onto the mobile version.

One of the advantages of these large publisher-driven EBM tools is that the content is all web-based to begin with and it seems, then, to be a trend that they will develop alternate interfaces for the Web to be accessed by a mobile browser, rather than compartmentalizing their content to be an iPhone- or Android-only app. In the case of EE+, the interface and user experience doesn’t seem to suffer, and physicians can use any web-enabled phone to access the content.

If you’ve got a smartphone, these articles are available free (for now):


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