A note on SCLIS598

I just completed a course entitled Social Software Literacy, which was offered online through Rutgers’s School for Communication, Information and Library Studies. The course was inspired by the normal course of action when educating librarians (or anyone, really) on Web 2.0 tools: “here’s a list of tools that are out there, how to use them, and this is why they may be good or bad in the library.” It was a fun class to take, and ultimately rewarding especially due the blog writing that I did as a large part of the course requirements. The posts below, all categorized as Rutgers SCILS598, is the result of that blog. For more information on the course, you can peruse the wiki that served as our home base throughout the term.

Armed with that base of knowledge, I now want to delve a little deeper into the working of social media in a library context, and am being given that opportunity here on this new blog, as well as through other research-related work with colleagues at UBC, Dean Giustini and Allan Cho. So stay tuned.


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