Entertainment vs. Educational Videos

Do educational videos stand a chance vs. entertainment videos? Why/Why not?

It is difficult to say what exactly the separation between those two categories is, and therefore it is further complicated to answer this question. Take for instance, TED, a global lecture series that produces high-quality videos of most of their talks available for free online. Perhaps I am a huge nerd, but these videos are both entertaining, and in most cases, astoundingly educational. There is a special skill held by great educators that combines those two facets into all of their learning experiences.

YouTube is an incredibly popular search engine, not only for the funny things you can find, but also apparently for much more educational information. Though the two are often separate, there is no inherent reason that entertaining videos must win out over educational ones. If the educational videos are boring, well, then that seems to me to be a separate issue.

One example of a funny and educational video is the You Suck at Photoshop series. This is a very popular series of tutorials on how to use basic to advanced Photoshop features, but that are presented in such a way as to make them engaging and even have a narrative flow across the different “lessons.”

Given the ease with which anyone can record and upload their own entertainment or educational video, the potential for the two to merge becomes stronger and more realistic every day.


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