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I have been complaining lately via Twitter (not our class account but rather on @danhooker) about how Internet Explorer bothers me. Not only because I am a big proponent of open-source software and open access, but just in general. I have done simple web design in the past and had to battle making ridiculous changes to my CSS just to get an OK render on IE. What a pleasant surprise to me that the visitors to my blog thus far (that’s you) are almost exclusively Firefox users!

The big blue you see there are Firefox users, and the tiny green speck is the Internet Explorer use. Now, I am not blaming anyone for using IE if they do… it is admittedly quite difficult to get away from when you are Windows user (though now there is word of being able to get rid of it in Windows 7, whee!). I simply think it is a positive thing if so many web readers are using Firefox.

As for connection speed, a majority were Cable internet, but I had a rather large number of “Unknown” speeds. I’m not quite sure what to make of that. Dial-up didn’t even register as any visits, so I guess that’s progress.


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