the great class tag

Putting our whole class together and having us tag 10 websites that best described what we were like as individuals turned out to be an interesting sport. First of all, I found it difficult to express who “I am” through a series of websites. I think, however, that once I caught onto isolating particular things about myself, I was able to find resources that adequetly expressed those certain facets. If you are curious, here is my list (Turns out there’s twelve on there, so pick your own top ten, I guess).

Scanning over the class list, I can see that now the list contains things other than what may have been chosen as personal description. Gmail, perhaps, is not particularly illuminating. However, looking a bit more closely reveals gems such as KOHLER faucets and Trendy Togs. I find that bookmarks like these really can speak on someone’s behalf.

There didn’t turn out to be much overlap, unfortunately, between how class members defined themselves in bookmarks. But this I suppose has less to do with the fact that we have nothing in common than with the fact that the internet is a large and wild place. There are of course many different web sites out there with similar content. What is revealing about this process, I thought, was the amount of introspection it takes to figure out which one you choose.

I would like this exercise as a sort of icebreaker. Even though now it seems that most members of this particular course have a certain rapport, given the opportunity again, I think it would be a great way to begin a course like this, or any social media project for that matter.

To butcher Aldous Huxley: there is only one corner of the internet you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.


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