The taggers are coming!

So, I feel a little late.

I was all excited to start my blogging assignment (see the About page) and then I read the other day that blogging was on the way out.  I consoled myself with the thought that Libraries were just starting to pick up on this “Library 2.0” thing, so even if blogging was dead, well, I could have some super current topic to write on.  Turns out, of course, that not everyone started library school this fall, and, likewise, people have been fascinated with social networking and its possibility for libraries for quite some time.

I am also late in the sense that I am a relatively new social networker.  I’ve been “wired” for a long time, and read my share of blogs.  I use an RSS reader.  I did get a facebook account way back when you had to be a university student to get one, but I don’t Tweet or Stumble around the web.  I eschew emoticons. I wrote a blog chronicling my road trip this summer, but didn’t ask anyone to Digg it.  My flickr photostream has a measly 28 pictures, and I put them all in a set together because still like to see my photos in “albums,” archaic term that that has become. I have no Flickr contacts.

What I’m getting at here is the struggle I face as someone who is linked in, and yet still remains on the outside to some extent.  And so, what I am about to begin is the process that so many before me have undertaken: investigating and attempting to immerse myself in the world of social networking, more specifically those in libraries.  If I get too excited, please excuse my enthusiasm. But it’s new to me.

To keep things manageable, I am going to focus primarily on Flickr, a completely personal and non-symbolic choice.  I like pretty pictures, let’s put it that way.  But because to be a part of one social network usually means taking part in many, I suppose I’ll find a few others along the way.

Here’s hoping we both come back with limbs intact.


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